Do more of what you love.

TIVA – IoT device based brew & cook appliance.

✓ 100+ recipes
✓ Consistency
✓ Create & share
✓ Tips & guides.

✓ Less engagement
✓ On-screen assistance
✓ Guaranteed Safety
✓ Easy to clean

✓ Live notifications
✓ Regular updates
✓ Buy online
✓ Ratings & reviews

Your Future Made Easy.

Technology at its best that retains what you love while eliminating what you don’t. With Tiva you can enjoy an enriching cooking experience. 

Auto Pairing

IP65 Ingress Protection

Multi-layer Sensor Stack

Independent Dual Zone Heating 

Interactive Multi-touch Interface

AI Based TIVA Assistant

BLE On-the-air Updates

Magnetic Docking System

Do it your way.

Or choose from a growing selection of 100+ recipes from across the globe

Life's gotten smarter.

Future made easy, when traditional barriers removed and inherent challenges overcome.
Welcome to the ultra modern yet simple life with TIVA. It opens up to limitless possibilities everyday,
making the best of your time – to stay ahead, do what you love and enjoy being smart.

TIVA IoT Customer

Gifts that make a difference

TIVA was my mom’s perfect gift to help me get through my university. 

Enjoy traditional Chai abroad

TIVA along, we never miss our daily chai even when we travel abroad.

TIVA IoT Customer

Best for work-life balance

TIVA in my studio, I get to spend more time on what I love without missing home made food.

Personalise my brews

TIVA is my pal during my all-nighter. A hot cup of chai is all what I need to stay focused.

Make the best of your time

While I train with my mentor, TIVA prepares a nice cup of tea for us.

No trade-off for happy life

I have scheduled TIVA to brew a kadak chai for my husband when he returns back from work.

Meet TIVA, simple yet smart

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Meet Our Team

Shanavas MS

Head of Design

Bindu S

Head of Operations

Rafeeq SM


Fadil M

Team Member
Industrial Design

Chetan Prasad

Team Member
Product Development

Based out of Bangalore, our team has more than 15 years of experience in innovation, design and development of products that are complex and multi-domain. We believe in challenging the existing and considering every problem as an opportunity. We believe in products that unleash massive impact. Over the past years, we have gained expertise in designing, manufacturing and online retailing. Read more..

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We are on a great journey. We are poised to become a formidable force in redefining the future of appliances we use in our daily lives. We believe that technology can be used to overcome traditional barriers and overcome inherent challenges thereby opening up enormous opportunities to tech savvy millennials and beyond. Our roadmap is clear and we are steadily surging ahead. We are looking for like minded partners who can mentor and advice us to realise our vision. Reach out to us. We would be glad to share our pitch deck and organise product demos.

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